Onion concentrate

Product information

TOP’s onion juice concentrate is produced by concentrating the juice extracted from onions under vacuum to 72 Brix. This product is non-combustible, chemical-free, bio-degradable and not hazardous to health.

As one of the larger local onion growers in the Netherlands, we select and control our raw materials carefully to be further processed into onion oil and onion concentrate. All products are traceable to its origin and are 100 % natural without any additives.

Upon customer’s needs, we offer regular, light and extra dark onion juice concentrate for your selection.

Our product confirms with EU Food Law, FDA and national legal regulations. Onion concentrate is Kosher, Halal and ISO 22000:2018 certified; a guarantee of quality and food safety. Samples are available upon request.

Production company

TOP Flavours B.V.



  • GMP+ certificering TOP The Onion Group

Plastic jerrycan 25 kg, steel drum 250 kg, IBC tanks 1000 kg

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