The character of a family-owned multinational

Let’s grow together; that is our desire at TOP. We strive to uphold to this aim every day. Collaboration is what we believe in and we understand that cooperation among people produces the best and most sustainable results.

As the Murre family, we are grateful for the years of growth that lie behind us. Years of worldwide expansion and years during which close relationships were forged between employees and customers.

We do not lay back complacently thinking we have achieved something. On the contrary, with every customer’s order, big or small, we strive to achieve more. That is why we – Adrie Murre and his sons Rien and Benny – prefer to sit around your table or be active within our company; amongst all our colleagues who dedicate themselves with passion and drive to serve you, our customer. We feel at home where the work happens; and that is where we make the difference.

What can we do for you?

Rien Murre
Owner, TOP The Onion Group

We care of the next generation

Making optimal use of residual flows!

For decades, TOP has committed itself to converting waste into a high-quality product. Although we do not like to talk about ‘waste’: our sustainably grown onions are used to their fullest potential. This is how we minimise our ecological footprint. Are you ready for the future? We are!

Smart use of renewable energy

With a large number of solar panels and concrete plans for a number of wind turbines, TOP has ambitions to be a leader in sustainability.

Stimulating sustainable agriculture

Growing and producing with future generations in mind; that is sustainable agriculture, and we are happy to contribute. That is why we assist in developing disease-resistant varieties, shorten supply chains by means of our own large-scale production and thus achieve sustainability across all elements of the business.

Production, delivery and processing of taste-makers

Flexible response to your questions; delivering orders exactly as agreed; developing new products together; providing reliability and quality year-round: these are all things we are committed to! The fact that we grow and process our products ourselves helps to create surprising opportunities. Discover TOP!

During the past thirty years our family business has seen considerable growth. Our strategy was aimed towards creating scale and supply chain management. Why? Because it enabled us to meet the needs of customers worldwide. This is how our internationally operating family company was created.

On the one hand, you will see us as the dedicated grower that strives for a perfect product whilst farming in several countries like The Netherlands, France and the USA. On the other hand, you will find in us a partner for food manufacturers. We not only supply onions but also slice, shred, ferment, preserve, fry and produce concentrates from them. No matter how you want to preserve the characteristic taste of onions in your recipes, we deliver the perfect product for you. We also supply a large and varied range of preserved vegetables, from gherkins & silver skin onions (pearl onions) to cauliflower & courgettes.

At our various production locations, we manufacture and process these products ourselves. We never outsource, but stay in full control of this important process in the supply chain. That is why we are more than happy to come up with customer-specific solutions and have the ability to continuously develop new products. This defines the way we like to do business with you; as a true business partner.

Growing en processing


of experience in the onion industry

"TOP aims to be successful together with her customers. We do this by optimally aligning cultivation, processing and delivery of our products with the customer interests in mind."

Benny Murre
Owner, TOP The Onion Group

At home in the world of onions

TOP has various growing and processing locations across the globe. This allows us to guarantee the availability of onions and respond quickly to your demands. On the map below you can find all our locations.