We may not know you yet; we do know your market segment

We may not know you nor your specific requirements just yet. However, we do know the market segment that you operate in. We have proven ourselves as a full-fledged business partner that contributes to the positive returns of companies like yours. Our secret? On the one hand, our market-knowledge and desirable standard products. And on the other hand, building business relationships and developing customised products. What line of business are you in?

Together we are responsible for this planet

Sharing global responsibility: that is a pillar on which a sustainable world rests. A world in which we safeguard the environment for future generations. It is also a large part of the foundation of our family business. Even though we are able to react quickly to the market; even if we have more feeling towards onions than meetings, we are always forward thinking and together with others we can go even further.

This is why sustainability is at the top of our agenda. In addition to everything that we have already achieved, such as focusing on careful waste management/reduction and the utilisation of residual food products, we are continuously working on sustainable improvements. From expanding our Global GAP certified product range to the construction of our own wind farm; from integrated crop protection techniques to the recovery of heat during processing; the whole growing process of our organic products is aimed towards being more accountable. We try to work as closely with mother nature as possible; where possible without fertilisers, chemical pesticides and genetically modified organisms. We keep searching for new ways to give substance to our vision on sustainability. Because sustainability is just like quality; if we say it is ‘good’, we know we can do better.

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