Yellow shallots (organic)

Product information

Shallots have a delicate and sweet taste with a hint of pugency. The taste is more intens and that makes shallots very suitable to use in salads, or to have in your kitched to add extra love to a dish.

We interfere as little as possible during the shallots growing process and let nature do its work. The shallots are grown without artificial fertiliser and no chemical plant protection chemicals are used or genetically modified organisms.

Shallots can be used instead of onions to add a delicate and sweet taste to a recipe with extra sharpness. Its beautiful shape and fine characteristics makes the shallot a favourite among top chefs and meal preparing companies.

We deliver our shallots worldwide. Thanks to our own growing operation, sizeable processing capabilities and unique location (close to an export port) we can ensure a customised delivery service and an extensive product range. We ensure that the shallots are delivered to your location in the correct quantity, quality and packaging, and with great care.

Production company

TOP Onions B.V., TOP Onions USA Inc.



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Small packaging:

250 gr until 5 kg, private label possible

Large-volume packaging:

4 kg until 25 kg, Bigbags