Red onion sets (organic)

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We grow them ourselves so we know our varieties through and through. We work closely with several of the best seed breeders and together we select the best varieties for both the professional grower and gardener. As a result, our onion sets meet the highest quality standards and only the very best varieties qualify for our cultivation program.

We grow our onion sets on virgin and therefore disease-free land in Northern France, the South West Netherlands and in Flevoland. Together with our specialists we select the best land in these areas, and because of the extensive geographical spread we can minimise risks and can deliver a high-quality product at all times.

Optimal output is achieved by the cultivation manager, supported by a team of specialists, who supervises the growth of the crop by means of a specially developed cultivation and agronomy program. Thanks to extensive knowledge acquired through years of experience, the cultivation manager and his team know exactly which soil types the onion sets thrive best on.

We follow market trends closely to ensure we retain our leading position within the sector. We do everything possible to deliver the best onion sets: premium quality disease-free sets which are full of vigour!

All of our onion sets are NAKTuinbouw ‘Selectplant’ certified, so they meet the highest possible quality standards. Information regarding the sets supplied is available and upon request. We obtain this information from systematically taken samples which are analysed in a laboratory, as well as through our own practical trials and external field trials.

During the production of the onion sets the crop is left alone to grow as naturally as possible without intervention to allow nature to do its work. For example, the sets are grown without artificial fertilisers and no chemical crop protection agents are applied. All of our organic onion sets are SKAL certified.

Would you like to know which variety is best suited to your situation? Do you require bulk or packaged onion sets? We can also package onion sets under your own name or label. Please contact us so we can discuss the possibilities of working together!

Production company

TOP Onions Sets B.V., TOP Cultures France SARL


's-Gravenpolder (NL), Bihucourt (FR)

Small packaging:

250 gr until 5 kg, private label possible

Large-volume packaging:

5 kg until 20 kg, bigbags, bulk, boxes, other packages on request


Discover the diversity of our organic varieties and find out which variety is best for you!

Red Baron

Who doesn’t know the Red Baron? Red Baron has proven to be a very reliable and high-yielding red onion with great storage characteristics. The variety is very popul... More informationar in both the hobby/gardering and commercial markets. The variety produces round to flat onions with an average neck, tough skin, and a deep red to purple colour. The onions are suitable for any soil type and, under the proper circumstances, suitable for long-term storage.

  • Maturity (early-late)

  • Yield

  • Skin quality

  • Firmness

  • Storability

  • Root system