Onion cubes (yellow)

Product information

Onions are a healthy ingredient that bring a lot of flavour to a dish. Onions are a natural ingredient, without artificial additives, and shouldn’t be missed out from soups, stews, salads, sauces and more.

The onions processed by TOP are the perfect addition for retailers and wholesalers supplying customers in the catering and food manufacturing industries and healthcare institutions that aim to improve the efficiency of their operations. We can process the onions in such a way that you can use them immediately.

Cubed onions increase your return thanks to process optimisation and a consistent and continuous supply of product. The shelf life of 8 days, the wide range of cut sizes and good variety of packaging options give you flexibility and choice.

Production company

TOP Fresh Service B.V.



Small packaging:

500 gr until 1 kg

Large-volume packaging:

5 kg until 20 kg