Crispy onions gluten-free

Product information

Our fried onions are widely used in Asian dishes and, of course, on hot dogs and hamburgers. They also enhance the flavor of salads, soups, sandwiches and much more! A fantastic versatile addition, the possibilities are almost endless. These special gluten-free fried onions are suitable for those who want or need to avoid gluten in their diet.

Many of the onions we use are grown in-house by TOP. This allows us to guarantee excellent quality and security of supply. Once harvested the onions are peeled, washed and sliced. To achieve a really crispy end product the sliced onions are dipped in gluten-free batter after which they are fried. The result is delicious fried onions without colouring, odour or flavouring. A 100% natural product!

Our fried onions are appreciated all over the world and are supplied to customers in Foodservice, Industry and Retail. Our dependable and flexible organisation is able to meet all of your requirements.

Production company

TOP Taste B.V., Poznan Onion Sp. z. o. o.


Kapelle (NL), Kostrzyn (PL)

  • RSPO Trademark certificering TOP The Onion Group

100 gr until 10 kg. Cups, plastic bottles and bags. Other packaging on request.

Gebakken uitjes op broodje hamburger van TOP The Onion Group
Gebakken uitjes op broodje hotdog van TOP The Onion Group
Gebakken uitjes verwerkt in salade van TOP The Onion Group
Gebakken uitjes verwerkt in gerecht in pannetjes van TOP The Onion Group