One new name for all TOP companies

TOP The Onion Group. This is the new name under which the TOP family of companies (Crop Alliance, Top Onions, TOP Taste, TOP Flavours, TOP Onion Sets, TOP Fresh Service, Poznan Onion, TOP Onions USA, TOP Cultures France) will be known from now on. The use of one brand name will increase the recognition of this international company.

The structure of the organisation remains unchanged. Previously, new companies were regularly founded and existing companies acquired. This created a strong group of companies which has grown into a family of food companies, retailers and onion growers located all around the world.

‘The Onion Group’

The entire group of companies will now be known as TOP The Onion Group. The logo was redesigned and ‘The Onion Group’ was added. On the new company website TOP’s values are made clear: supporting the customer and their business. This may involve the joint development of specific recipes, the supply of directly applicable ingredients or meeting exacting logistic demands. The size and versatility of the TOP group, which both grows and processes onions in-house, creates many opportunities. The ethos of the family-run business is embodied in the new slogan: Let’s grow together.

The TOP brand name acts as a trade name for all individual subsidiaries which retain their legal names.

About TOP

TOP serves customers from a diverse range of market sectors including food service, food manufacturing, retail and agriculture. The product range varies from fresh and preserved onions, gherkins and other vegetables to fried onions and even onion sets for planting. The company, with a total of 220 employees, has several offices throughout Europe and North America.